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Top 10 reasons why people embrace Islam

Top 10 reasons why people embrace Islam

Source: Muslim’s Digest 

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, especially in the West. According to studies conducted by Washington-based Pew Research Centre, some European countries could see a three-fold increase in their Muslim population whereas in the United States it is likely to more than double by 2050, making Muslims the second-largest religious group.

Guidance is a gift from Allaah. If you ask Muslim reverts about their experiences on the journey to embracing Islam, you will find that their reasons for accepting Islam are wide and varied. Let us take a look at some of the most common factors which attract people to Islam:

Quest for the truth: In the quest for the true religion, many people end up getting confused by contradictions in other faiths. When they finally discover Islam, it is as if all of life’s difficult questions are suddenly answered!

Contemplating the miracle of creation: Merely contemplating the beauty of creation and learning the Islamic teachings about the Creator and his creations appeal to most people who think logically. Many reverts have mentioned that logical thinking and reasonoing have led them to the conclusion that the large and beautiful universe could be created by none other than Allaah.

Personal Experiences: Specific personal experiences have also led people to Islam. An example is the story of the revert who started learning Islam to understand its “violet side” after losing all her relatives to the 9/11 attacks in the US. At the end of her studies, as she understood Islam in its entirety, she didn’t have to think twice about embracing Islam. Some people have also related experiences of repeated dreams inspiring them to embrace Islam.

Inadequacies of the previous faith: This is especially common among reverts from Christianity. Contradicting statements in the Bible, the confusing “Trinity” concept, concerns about Christianity’s widening gulf with the religion of Prophet Abraham (PBUH) etc. have attracted many former Christians to Islam. Similarly, many Hindu reverts were fascinated by Islam’s rejection of idol-worship and its clarity on monotheism.

The Quran: Reading the Qur’an with an open mind has brought many people to Islam. There are several interesting experiences of people who were moved by Qur’an translations. In the cases of many reverts, the Qur’an had guarded them against misunderstanding Islam from the deeds of errant Muslims.

Other Muslims: Many reverts, especially youngsters and women credit pious Muslims, their manners, their unflinching faith and impressive character as their reason for being attracted to Islam. Former BBC reporter Yvone Ridley was impressed by the character and piety of her captors, the Taliban, which made her accept Islam as the true way of life.

The prayer: Watching Muslims pray and being impressed with the structure and format of the five daily prayers have drawn reverts to Islam. The prayer has caused many reverts to extensively study Islam and appreciate the relationship between the Creator and His creations.

Athaan: Surprisingly, the call to prayer has acted as an initial catalyst for many a revert. An example is the story of a Scottish man whose interest in Islam was spurred by the beautiful and captivating Athaan he had heard while vacationing in Turkey; even though he had never met or spoke to a Muslim before.

The hijab and Muslim women’s rights: The modesty and protection offered by the Islamic veil have attracted quite a few non-Muslim women, who were ultimately inspired to revert, after learning more about Islam’s special status of dignity to women. Some women have cited the respect enjoyed by hijabis as an important factor which initially attracted them to Islam.

Marriage: Getting married to a Muslim has been a reason for many people gradually discovering the faith and reverting.