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Story of the Unfortunate Mujahid

Siyar Aalam Annubalaa

Ibn Kathir narrated, on the authority of Ibn al-Jawzi:

“There was an unfortunate man from the Mujahidin who were fighting in the lands of the Romans. So, when the Muslims were in one of their expeditions and surrounding a land of the lands of the Romans, he looked to a woman of the Romans who was sitting in a fortress therein, and he became attracted to her and sent her a message asking how he could reach her. She replied: “As soon as you conquer this area, then come up to the fortress and you can have me,” so, as soon as the area was conquered by the Muslims, he did this.

From that point on, there was not a single skirmish that the Muslims would be engaged in except that he would be up in the fortress with her. This caused the Muslims great sadness and distress, and it became very hard on them to deal with this reality. After a while, they went up to the fortress where he was staying with this woman and said to him: “What happened to all the Qur’an you knew? What happened to your knowledge? What happened to your fasting? What happened to your Jihad? What happened to your prayer?”

So, he replied to them: “Know that I have forgotten all of the Qur’an I used to know except for these verses: {“Those who disbelieve wish that they were Muslims. Leave them to eat and enjoy, and let them be preoccupied with false hope. They will come to know!”} [al-Hijr; 2-3] and I now have wealth and children with them.””

[‘al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah’; 11/68]